Satori Core Values


Satori believes that to reach their full potential, students need:

  • a challenging curriculum
  • individualized learning opportunities
  • a respectful, nurturing community
  • opportunities and skills for personal responsibility



A challenging academic and social curriculum provides students with learning opportunities that promote:

  • personal and community responsibility
  • higher-level thinking
  • learning beyond grade level
  • creativity
  • risk-taking
  • problem solving
  • the use of multiple intelligences

Satori’s focus is on teaching children; therefore, its curriculum remains responsive, flexible and dynamic.


Choices in activities, topics, and products:

  • make the curriculum personally meaningful
  • allow the teacher to meet each individual’s strengths and variable needs

Respectful and Nurturing

Respect is built by:

  • valuing individual differences
  • defining safe boundaries
  • nurturing a community where people, their opinions, and their environment are honored
  • adjusting personal responses and the environment to each child’s needs
  • balancing group needs with the needs of individuals


Community is an integrated aspect of curriculum at Satori School. The school and family community are built by:

  • balancing one’s needs with needs of others
  • supporting all community members
  • fostering productive communication and problem solving
  • participating actively

The Satori community is enriched by the greater community through:

  • family volunteers
  • content specialists
  • guest speakers
  • community experts
  • field trips
  • community service projects
  • inter-school partnerships

Satori specifically chose this neighborhood community because it reflects the diverse population we wish to serve. We are located adjacent to a low-income, federally and locally recognized “Restoration and Empowerment Zone.”