What is The Evergreen Project?

The Evergreen Project provides an outdoor community where children learn through hands-on experience and the environment. This intentional setting provides everyone with a sense of belonging and a connection to a physical space. We are friends, farmers, caretakers of animals, plants, and to ourselves. We watch, listen, learn, reflect, and grow through knowing who we are in relation to the natural world around us. The Evergreen Project inspires children to be stewards of the earth and deepen their connection with nature and themselves.

The Evergreen Project includes:
Pancha ~ the African Sulcata Tortoise
Methuselah, Samdhi and the Bro-Bro’s: George, Click & Clack ~ the Sonoran Desert Tortoises
Moki Ball and Delilah Jones ~ the Nigerian Goats
Lyra, Selassie, Mana, and Skookum~ the Chickens
2,000 Red Wiggler Worms and 100 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

The Evergreen is home to an herb garden, vegetable garden, flower garden, and fruit trees. We’ve invited insects to join our living lab with the creation of the Bug Hotel and a hummingbird feeder to study wild birds. We have a sensory lab, a writing lab, music garden, and an area for big body movements. We have a lab for the creation of beauty and art, a space for observing weather and a space quiet time. We have a small nature based library open for children to explore and reference. Everything we do is experiential based learning with an emphasis in natural history and ecology. We are building a scaffolding for conservation, intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, and a connection to the natural world.

George ~ Sonoran Desert Tortoise

George ~ Sonoran Desert Tortoise

Mokie Ball and Delilah Jones ~ the Nigerian Goats
Moki Ball & Delilah Jones ~ the Nigerian Goats

 Lyra, Selassie, Skookum, and Mana~ the Chickens


Our Evergreen Project is a Certified Schoolyard Habitat!

Nat'l Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), America’s largest wildlife conservation and education organization, is pleased to recognize that Satori School has successfully created a Certified Schoolyard Habitat® through its Garden for Wildlife program. Satori has joined with over 5,000 schools nationwide that have transformed their schoolyards into thriving wildlife habitats that provides essential elements needed by all wildlife – natural food sources, clean water, cover and places to raise young. The habitat also serves as an outdoor education site where students can engage in cross-curricular learning in a hands-on way.

For more National Wildlife Federation news, visit: www.nwf.org/news. National Wildlife Federation is America’s largest conservation organization, inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.