Satori’s Curriculum


Content, such as subject areas and topics:

  • involves multiple intelligences
  • utilizes integrated thematic instruction
  • includes multiple levels of difficulty
  • leads to open-ended activities and questions
  • values the process each individual uses to learn


Students are taught strategies and processes to deal with:

  • personal challenges
  • academic challenges

We foster respect by:

  • valuing individual views, processes, and feelings
  • using multiple intelligences
  • offering choices
  • respecting different ideas and solutions


Students at Satori Charter School are encouraged to:

  • explore their own creative process
  • develop quality products
  • use all of the multiple intelligences

Products range from giving answers to questions to producing research projects. Since we encourage creativity in all the intelligences, many of the products are unique and transfer information from one setting to another. Students and teachers work together to define quality work in a product.

Learning Environment

The learning environment at Satori:

  • nurtures
  • empowers students
  • develops and supports positive verbal communication for problem solving
  • incorporates group activities and learning
  • has individual activities
  • is active
  • is invigorating

We provide specialty teachers in physical education, technology, music, art, theater arts, and Spanish. There are computers in every classroom. Students use the computer to word process, practice academic skills and to do research.