Who We Are

Satori is a preschool and primary school designed to meet the special intellectual, emotional, behavioral, and social needs of gifted and inquisitive children.

We offer gifted children and their families an alternative educational setting where each child is recognized for his/her unique gifts. Because our curriculum is self-directed, we allow children to work at their own pace in the own unique styles. While this approach can benefit any child, for a gifted child it is essential.

Satori’s program nurtures the child while celebrating creativity and cooperation. We consider it vital that children find education exciting, because those feelings inspire learning. It is critical that tomorrow’s adults know how to learn, how to work with others, and how to become lifelong learners.

Satori students learn early to respect each other, their community, and their environment. Children participate in projects such as recycling, gardening, community service, and science fairs that expand their experiences. They encounter arts, cultures, sciences, and other curricular enrichment through field trips and guest presentations.

The teaching staff at Satori is composed of dedicated and talented educators drawn together to share their joy of learning with children and their families. Many of Satori’s faculty have completed their masters degrees in education and/or related fields. Because of Satori’s low student-to-teacher ratios, teachers are able to work individually with children and their families.