What We Do

Satori is one of a handful of schools nationwide that actively applies Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Gardner identifies eight ways we learn:

* verbal/linguistic * bodily/kinesthetic
* logical/mathematical * intrapersonal
* visual/spatial * interpersonal
* musical * naturalist

Each of us has a unique combination of these intelligences. How we use them determines how we learn. Traditional education teaches through verbal/linguistic and logical/mathematical abilities. Satori teaches through all the intelligences.

At Satori, teachers assess each student’s strengths and monitor learning through the eight intelligences. Children, not textbooks, guide the curriculum. Teachers present content in a variety of ways using a variety of media. Musical thinkers might tune it to math facts through songs and rhymes. Kinesthetic learners may run to touch a letter on the wall as they vocalize the sound. Interpesonal thinkers could use their skills to help other students solve real-life problems.

At an early stage, Satori teaches students how to use their own cluster of intelligences to learn. This knowledge gives them the power to guide their own academic career in the future.