Who We Serve

As Satori’s student body exemplifies, giftedness is gender neutral. Our children come from diverse socio-economic, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. Although the children differ greatly in outward appearance and experience, they share a common love learning and curiosity about the world around them. Many quickly learn, moving through subject matter and grade levels at an astounding pace.

Over 30 percent of Satori students receive some form of financial assistance. We strive to keep Satori affordable so that children and their families who need our services can afford them. Over 35 percent of Satori’s students are children of color. We celebrate cultural diversity through exploration, sharing, and family participation.

Gifted children have special needs. When left in a traditional classroom, where schoolwork and subject matter are dictated by grade level and average competency, gifted children often stagnate. In the worst case scenario, they tune out completely. Their gifts are never fully realized and great potential is wasted. If they luckier, they learn to adapt and fit in, but are rarely challenged to perform their full potential. At Satori, we allow gifted children to move unobstructed through subjects, grade level, and competencies.